Brenda Stampeen


Brenda Stampeen has been an Award Winning Realtor for the past 22 years! Brenda brought her previous extensive marketing talents and sales skills to this career, seeking out top real estate experts across North America – she’s been mentored by the best. Brenda’s numerous awards include 100% Club, Canadian President’s Circle and International President’s Circle but her most important accomplishment is the 98% referral rate reflecting her client’s satisfaction and trust! 

In the intricate and often emotional journey of property transactions, Brenda serves not just as a real estate expert, but a catalyst of new beginnings. Brenda’s bring a unique blend of empathy, expertise and efficiency to each client’s journey. Her role transcends the traditional boundaries of buying and selling properties; she’s a storyteller who weaves the unique narrative of each home, creating connections that transform spaces. 

As a trusted Advisor, she understands that each client’s needs are as unique as the properties they seek to sell or acquire. She listens deeply, ensuring that every client feels heard, understood and genuinely cared for. This foundation of trust and understanding is the cornerstone of her approach. 

In the complex dance of the real estate market, whether local or international, she leads with a masterful touch. She brings properties that once seemed unmarketable back to life, presenting these and all properties in a way that captures the imagination and hearts of buyers. Brenda’s ability to price properties with precision and speed is not just about numbers; it’s about understanding market dynamics and human aspirations. 

For Brenda’s clients, the journey is seamless and worry-free. She handles every detail from A-Z, providing a sense of control and stability in a process that can often feel overwhelming. This meticulous attention to detail ensures the best financial outcome in the quickest time, but more importantly, it gives her clients the freedom to look forward to their next chapter without the burden of uncertainty. 

In essence, Brenda does more than buy and sell homes; she open doors to new possibilities. She transforms fear and uncertainty into excitement and confidence, guiding new clients towards not just a successful transaction, but to one of the most fulfilling transitions of their lives. With Brenda, clients don’t just embark on a property transaction, they embark on a journey of clarity, ease and assurance, knowing they are in capable and caring hands. 




What Our Clients
Are Saying…

“From start to finish, the professionalism with which this team handled the selling of my home was outstanding.”
– Cpl. M. Fisher

“We have moved four times and this was the most smooth, effortless, stress-free move of all of them. We would definitely use their service again.”
– Luc & Margie

“Brenda handled our purchase very thoughtfully and with great attention to detail. She did everything she could to make the experience positive.”
– Susan & Cary

“Her level of service was above our expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending Brenda.”
– Gord & Phyllis Simons

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